Mr. Columbus Phipps

Mr. Columbus Phipps

About the Foundation

The Columbus Phipps Foundation was endowed in 1993 by Ms. Beulah G. Phipps in memory of her father, Columbus Phipps. (Other contributions were made by Granddaughters Carol Phipps Buchanan and Jean Lui Phipps.) Columbus Phipps, son of Wilburn Phipps and Caroline Tolliver, was born 18 June 1853. The family moved to what is today Dickenson County from North Carolina in about 1851. They settled in the Ramey Flats area. Columbus was a farmer and a lawyer. He was elected as the first Clerk of the Court for the newly formed Dickenson County in 1880 and served until 1893.

He married Margaret W. Skeen 12 April 1883, daughter of John Skeen and Phoebe Yates. They had nine children: Four were teachers, three were attorneys and one was a medical doctor. They are: Dr. Rufus Phipps, MD; Alger Phipps, Attorney; Walter Phipps, Attorney; Wm. McKinnley, Attorney; Beulah Phipps, Teacher; Nell Phipps, Teacher; Jettie Phipps, Teacher; Hattie Phipps, Teacher; and Maude Phipps, died at age nine.

The purposes of the Foundation are to provide grants to worthy non-profit organizations that serve Dickenson County, cultural enrichment of residents of Dickenson County, and to improve the educational opportunities for the citizens of the county. Since its founding, the Foundation has assisted thousands of Dickenson County students with millions of dollars in scholarships. The main requirement for a scholarship is that the student be a graduate of a Dickenson County High School or have a GED from the county. The Columbus Phipps Foundation hopes to benefit the community by encouraging the students receiving grants and scholarships to remain in or return to Dickenson County to provide much needed services for the residents.


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